“Step Into My Parlor,” Said the Spider to the Snake.

A story from Australia (with photos) tells of a deadly spider capturing one of the world’s most venomous spiders in its web. It sounds implausible. We look at some historic precedents.

Spectral Sheep and a Ghastly Goat

Today begins the Chinese Year of the Sheep—or the Goat—there seems to be some controversy about the precise animal, but be reassured that I am on the job and have you covered with stories of spooky sheep and a ghastly goat. Let’s start with the goat story, covered in these pages previously, but one of my favorites. […]

A Minister Tests His Dead Wife’s Spirit

One Sunday morning in 1919, Dr. Russell H. Conwell, founder and President of Temple University, stood before his congregation in the pulpit of the Philadelphia Baptist Temple and dropped a bombshell–revealing that his dead wife had visited him repeatedly.

Poisonous Kisses: A Valentine’s Day PSA

Doctors want you to know about the perils of poisonous kisses: “In many instances of the customary kissing, there is a great vicious bloodhound lying hidden, ready to strike his poisonous fangs into the very flesh and bone of the unsuspecting individual…”

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