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Joan of Arc Returns

Joan of Arc Returns And she’s brought her friends…. Children in a small French village see visions of Joan of Arc and the Virgin Mary.

A Ghost of the Gallipoli Campaign

A Ghost of the Gallipoli Campaign A dying man during the Gallipoli Campaign sees the apparition of his sister. Oddly enough, so does a war correspondent.

The Worst Soldier in the British Army

The Worst Soldier in the British Army Tommy Brown, the worst soldier in the British Army, saves his comrades in an extraordinary and coincidental way.

Our Lady of the Stereopticon

Were images of the Virgin Mary beamed into the sky by airborne stereopticon to try to save a besieged city? And would these images explain the Angel of Mons and other Great War visions?

Encore: The Ghost Map of Gainesville

A mysterious map of the battlegrounds of Europe appears on a sooty ceiling in a Texas house in 1919. The face of a man and a coiled serpent also materialized. What did it all mean?

Encore: John Van Valkenburg and His Mysterious Wonderplane

In 1917 John Van Valkenburg, a Salt Lake City inventor, announced that he had conquered the laws of gravity and had an aircraft that could fly from Salt Lake City to the Pacific Coast and back in a night. It was reported that he had taken it to Washington and then turned it over to the US government for use in the War effort. Then, suddenly, Van Valkenburg found himself on trial.

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