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Black Box Specters

Black Box Specters Two black box specters haunt travelers in Arizona and Ireland.

Miss Neas’s Bones of Contention

Miss Neas’s Bones of Contention Doctors and other witnesses reported seeing hundreds of bones working their way through Sarah Neas’s skin

The Tomb Challenge of the Russian Princess

The Tomb Challenge of the Russian Princess In 1818 the Russian Princess Elisabeth Demidoff died at Paris, aged 39. 75 years later, strange stories began to circulate about the tomb and its occupant.

The Divine Comedy: Purgatory Pranksters

In a shameless bid to ride the coattails of publicity for Dan Brown’s new book Inferno, and since I have previously covered Hell and its geography as well as some fiery relics of the Poor Souls in Purgatory, let’s look at some stories about Purgatorial pranks, where the living impersonate the dead for their own purposes.

The Maker of Mermaids

The Maker of Mermaids: In 1880s New York, a distinguished exponent of the art of taxidermy was quietly promoting the superiority of American-made mermaids and sea serpents, complete with pedigree.