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Haunted Ohio Series

Other Ohio Ghost Books

#1098 Dayton Ghosts

Many of these stories deal with the adventures of the Dayton Ghost Hunters Society. Some of the sites covered: The USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, Stivers Middle School and its haunted swimming pool.

#1104 Haunting Tales from the Tree City [Kent, Ohio]

Haunting Tales from the Tree City, Kent Historical Society, wraps, $9.00 Based on the Kent Historical Society ghost walk, this delightful booklet shares local history and first-person stories. Ghosts in the Projection Room at the Kent Stage. “Woody”, the Theatre guardian. The haunted tunnels of downtown Kent. The ghosts of the dramatic Kent Mansion, now […]

#1112 Cincinnati Haunted Handbook

This book is jam-packed with 100 haunted locations and lots of excellent photos. You’ll also find very useful advice and cautions about visiting the various locations since this is meant as a guidebook for those who actually want to hunt ghosts on site or just drive by locations reputed to be haunted.

#1116 Haunted Akron, Ohio

Run down the apparitions that float about Rubber City streets and façades like the shadow of a passing blimp. Stroll along forgotten canals amid the restless chatter and clank of spirits cut down before their hard lives became easier.

#2222 Ghosts of the North Coast [Northern Ohio]

NEW! Ghosts of the North Coast: Legends, Mysteries and Haunted Places of Northern Ohio, Doug Dziama and Jennifer Dziama Teed, 2013, 104 pp. Trade PB $8.95 NEW! From Lake Erie monsters to cursed Carousel horses to haunted wineries, Doug Dziama and Jennifer Dziama Teed explore some of the mysteries, legends and ghost tales of Northern […]

Ghost Stories of Lawrence County

Starting with the riveting true story of Dr. Joseph Lowry, the disemboweled doctor who haunts the Ironton Library, built on the site of his former home, the book moves on to shorter tales of ghosts in Woodland Cemetery, ghosts in schools, roads, and hospitals.

The Ghosts of the Past Series

A is For Arsenic: An ABC of Victorian Death

FACT SHEET A IS FOR ARSENIC: AN ABC OF VICTORIAN DEATH   Title: A is for Arsenic: An ABC of Victorian Death, Chris Woodyard Author: Chris Woodyard Illustrations: Landis Blair ISBN: 978-0-9881925-4-6 Publication Date: September, 2023 Page Count: 208 pp. Size: 9 x 6” trade paperback Retail Price: $18.95   Publisher: Kestrel Publications, 1811 Stonewood […]