The Actress and the Phantom Musketeer

In part two of this story of a phantom persecuting a famous French actress, things are about to get worse. As if having senses-stunning shrieks coming out of nowhere wasn’t bad enough, Mademoiselle Clarion found herself the victim of an even more threatening type of mystery assault.

The Ghost of a Dead Mother Visits Her Baby

The Ghost of a Dead Mother Visits Her Baby Mother’s Day is coming up, so I feel obligated to do something on the theme of maternal devotion, since last year I rather savaged Motherhood in a piece on Maternal Influence and Monsters. Prepare to be heart-warmed.

Polt or Possessed on Prince Edward Island?

Polt or Possessed on Prince Edward Island?A young Canadian girl is followed by mysterious rappings and fires. No, it’s not Mary Ellen of Antigonish–the case occurs a decade earlier and her family swore they saw her levitate.

L’affaire des franges – A Versailles Mystery

L’affaire des franges – A Versailles Mystery At Versailles, an audacious theft from the Sun King; and an inexplicable event at the King’s dinner.

A Whiskey-Drinking Devil Visits Mr Guppy

Samuel Guppy, husband to medium Agnes Nichol Guppy, was an ardent advocate of Spiritualism. When the famous American mediums Ira and William Davenport came to England to spread the truths of that religion, a session with Ira brought a naughty devil to Guppy’s door.

The Haunt-Hunter Haunted

Psychic researcher Dr. Walter F. Prince, the man who studied the fire-spook of Antigonish and the multiple personalities of “Doris Fischer,” found that his own house was haunted and that the vector was again a young woman.

Bitten by a Demon? A Table-Tipping Tale

Bitten by a Demon? Table tipping was a popular parlor amusement in 1850s France. But what kind of savage, invisible creature did this innocent Spiritualist amusement conjure up?

A Family Bewitched: The Hoffman Poltergeist

In 1871 the David Hoffman family of Wooster was attacked by an entity they called “IT.” The poltergeist stole money, food, and seemed to have a special hatred for clothing, which it slashed and shredded. Here is the story of a family haunted and tortured by malignant spirits.

Who Hears a Horton? Froissart’s Helpful Spirit

Who Hears a Horton? Froissart’s Helpful Spirit The classic story from Froissart about “Orton” or “Orthon,” a helpful spirit or demon who brought news from afar to the Lord de Corasse.

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