Dr. Sinclair and the Fourth Dimension

Dr. Sinclair and the Fourth Dimension A respectable physician terrifies himself with his esoteric studies –and receives some visitors from the Fourth Dimension with a plan to end the First World War.

Popular Fortean Posts of 2015

The most popular fortean posts on this blog for 2015.

Our Lady of the Stereopticon

Were images of the Virgin Mary beamed into the sky by airborne stereopticon to try to save a besieged city? And would these images explain the Angel of Mons and other Great War visions?

Encore: The Ghost Map of Gainesville

A mysterious map of the battlegrounds of Europe appears on a sooty ceiling in a Texas house in 1919. The face of a man and a coiled serpent also materialized. What did it all mean?

Professor Muenter’s Metaphysical Murder

Professor Muenter’s Metaphysical Murder In the wake of talk about German occultists after the head of F.W. Murnau was stolen from his tomb, today we examine another Interesting Person, the learned Professor Erich Muenter, polyglot, German instructor at Harvard University, metaphysician, mad bomber, and murderer.

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