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The Jersey City Devil

The Jersey City Devil After asking the devil on Halloween to show her the face of her future husband, Miss Hennessey finds herself visited by a diabolically handsome young man with horns and cloven hoofs.

White Horses and Itchy Palms: Congressional Superstitions

Some quirky beliefs of superstitious 19th-century United States Senators: white horses are bad luck; itchy palms mean cash; start nothing on a Friday, watch out for the moon over your left shoulder.

Down with Christmas Ghosts; Up with Christmas Fairies!

Down with Christmas Ghosts; Up with Christmas Fairies! An 1880s rant against unwholesome Christmas ghost story horrors with a surprising suggestion for a supernatural substitute.

The Fortean White House, Part 1

While this post is not Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, there is a modest collection of Fortean oddities in and around the White House that goes well beyond the Kennedy/Lincoln coincidences, the zero-year curse and the ghost in the Lincoln Bedroom. Part 1 on The Fortean White House.