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The Jersey City Devil

The Jersey City Devil After asking the devil on Halloween to show her the face of her future husband, Miss Hennessey finds herself visited by a diabolically handsome young man with horns and cloven hoofs.

White Horses and Itchy Palms: Congressional Superstitions

Some quirky beliefs of superstitious 19th-century United States Senators: white horses are bad luck; itchy palms mean cash; start nothing on a Friday, watch out for the moon over your left shoulder.

Entombed in Cement at the Keokuk Dam and the Big Four Bridge

Two of those classic “man entombed in cement while the authorities look the other way” stories that MUST be legend and not fact.

Hoodoos through History: Crossed eyes, lilacs, and man-killer engines

Hoodoos through History: Crossed eyes, lilacs, and man-killer engines Black cats, the number thirteen, broken mirrors–these were all objects of ill-omen in the past. But a hoodoo could be any one of a seemingly endless list of persons, places of things including clocks, mummies, ships, and trains. Let us grasp our rabbits’ feet and four-leaf clovers firmly and venture into the world of hoodoos of the past.

The Animals’ Christmas Carol: The Beasts Speak on Christmas Eve

It is said, in traditions ranging from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia, that animals are magically able to speak at midnight on Christmas Eve. You might look for innocent barnyard chatter about a Baby in a manger or a bright new Star in the East. And yet, in many parts of Europe, you would put your head under the covers for fear of what sinister things you might hear.

Two Black Dogs: Stories to Read at Christmas

Stories of two phantom (?) Black Dogs, one from Ohio and one from Minnesota, for your traditional Christmas ghost story reading pleasure.