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Racing Tips from the Astral Plane

Racing Tips from the Astral Plane The author describes the racing tips he received from the Astral Plane via luminous letters and images.

Vicky in the Sky, with Grover

Today is the anniversary of the death of Queen Victoria. Here are several odd visions of the Queen–in the sky, in shadows, and with American presidents.

Ernest Case: Toledo’s “Man of Visions”

Ernest Case was visited by angels, went into deep trances in which he could find missing items, and foretold his own death on the 27th of an unknown month and year. What happened to this Toledo Wonder?

Not on the Side of the Angels: An enquiry concerning “The Angels at Mons”

In honor of the 150th birthday anniversary for Welsh horror and fantasy author Arthur Machen, we look at a 1915 article discussing the evidence for the Angels of Mons visions. Machen’s story, “The Bowmen,” may have inadvertently helped to create this legend of the Great War. Despite Machen’s protests that the story was fictional, the stories of angels on the battlefield took on a life of their own and became hoplessly tangled in false memories, hoaxes, and a twisted kind of ostension.

A Vision of a Submarine Battle: Remote Viewing from the Great War

A Vision of a Submarine Battle: Remote Viewing from the Great War A story of remote viewing from the Great War. A gentleman writes to The Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research in 1919 about his telepathic connection with his son, an officer in the Signal Corps of the US Army, and a vision of a submarine battle.

Tokens of Death: Owls, Cats, and Phantom Funerals

As I said in a recent post on an Indiana Banshee, “tokens of death” were a frequent theme in the ghost stories of the past. These death-omens could be anything from a prophetic dream, a vision of a phantom funeral, headless apparitions or women in white ghosts, a familiar disembodied voice calling one’s name, a crown of feathers in a pillow or mattress, dogs howling, or mysterious lights.