Wonders and Curiosities

Black Box Specters

Black Box Specters Two black box specters haunt travelers in Arizona and Ireland.

Painting in the Dark with Raphael

Painting in the Dark with Raphael Painting in the dark was only part of the artistic talents of Mr. Abel Taylor, psychic artist, who worked under the influence of the painter Raphael.

Joan of Arc Returns

Joan of Arc Returns And she’s brought her friends…. Children in a small French village see visions of Joan of Arc and the Virgin Mary.

The Rolling Shot Ghost

The Rolling Shot Ghost A strange spherical visitant makes a metallic noise like shot bumping down stairs and rolls around a military encampment.

The Fairy in the Box

The Fairy in the Box. A child, challenged by her skeptical sister to capture one of the little people she saw in her bedroom at night, catches a fairy in a box.

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